Great Fire Loose Leaf Tea Caddy 25g

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Great Fire Loose Leaf Tea Caddy 25g


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This very special tea has been smoked over wood aged for over 350 years to commemorate the anniversary of one of the most well known disasters to hit London. On 2nd September 1666, an accidental spark from a baker’s oven led to the destruction of a third of the city and made 100,000 people homeless.

We have used tea leaves from Cornish tea plantations, blended with the finest Assam, then delicately smoked to create this delicious commemorative brew, for St. Paul’s Cathedral and the commemoration of the tragic event that changed the face of England’s capital.

This special edition tin contains a foiled pouch of 25g of this bespoke smoked blend.

For perfect brewing, measure 5g of loose tea leaves and put into your teapot infuser. Pour on water just less than boiling, so as not to scald the leaves. Leave to infuse for 3 minutes and then remove the infuser. Serve without milk to fully enjoy the sweet smokiness of this exceptional blend.