Floristry Workshop

Floristry Workshop


Dates available: 23rd March 2018, 15th June 2018, 14th September 2018

Our skilled floral designers have spent years fine tuning the distinctive Tregothnan styling, using only seasonal British blooms for our beautiful bouquets. Our floristry workshops give you the opportunity to learn how to create your own displays fit for a manor house – on which the origins of British floristry are built.

Join our lovely and highly experienced floral designers as they give you the opportunity to explore your creative side. There will be demonstrations and helpful hints on how to create everything from bouquets, displays, to table decorations, garlands and hand tied displays in both classic and innovative styles.

You’ll learn more about the biology of flowers and plants, how to spot the signs of disease, and learn how to keep your flowers in good health. We’ll demonstrate various elements of flower design from colour and size through to proportion and contrast and how best to showcase them. We’ll also talk about the best type of flowers you might want to use for different occasions.

The flora and fauna used is a diverse and beautiful selection, representing the loveliest flowers from Britain. Conscious of our ‘flower miles footprint’, we make sure that wherever possible, our flowers are sourced from the gardens and meadows of Tregothnan. We are also firm believers in sustainability and seasonality, so the flowers that you will be using at the workshop will be the freshest seasonal blooms and foliage. Taking advantage of our unique ecosystem in Cornwall and what it produces, we could be using flowers such as anemones, hydrangeas, rhododendron, narcissi and camellia, to name but a few! Those with a savoury tooth might want to try their hand at recreating our exciting ‘Edible Selection’, which includes a range of tasty treats such as an ‘Edible Herb’ bouquet, a chilli table decoration, and a beautiful and fragrant tea posy.

The beauty of floristry is that the skills and knowledge can be used in a myriad of different ways, both professional and personal, so this course is sure to appeal to budding horticulturists and florists, and those keen to develop an exciting and highly versatile new skill.

We reserve the right to place guests in the most appropriate sessions according to interests and group size. On rare occasions course dates may be changed if circumstances change or if dates become oversubscribed. We welcome any information you may offer regarding your interests and any specific areas you would like to explore.

Price £145. Includes lunch and a cream tea

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