Signature Luxury Pink Bouquet

  • Luxury Pink Bouquet

Signature Luxury Pink Bouquet


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A striking collection of soft pink, cerise pink and white tulip flowers, pink stocks, white narcissi and a mix of homegrown foliage.

Contents will vary (please note that the photo is for illustration purposes only) but one thing is guaranteed: our bouquets feature only the finest seasonal British flowers and foliage.

To guarantee longevity of your bouquet, some flowers may arrive in bud. Follow these simple steps to ensure optimum survival:

Carefully remove the protective packaging and begin with a clean vase, as bacteria is the main reason for shortened flower life.

Strip all of the leaves that will fall below the water line in the vase. Then cut at least one inch off each stem with a sharp knife or scissors. The cut should be clean and on an angle to increase the amount of water uptake by the stem (cutting is not always possible on smaller bouquets).

Fill the vase to three quarters capacity with fresh cold water and add the flowers. Place in an area away from heat and direct sunlight. Change the water if it becomes cloudy or every two to three days. Avoid placing cut flowers next to fruit as they give off ethylene gas that can shorten the life span of your flowers. Tregothnan charcoal is an excellent water purifier and a few grams in the vase will work wonders. Enjoy!